Our Services

We deliver talent management, service Improvement and recruitment solutions modelled to help organisations increase performance, reach desired goal and connect with their customers.

Service Design

We help engineer organizational capabilities that provide value and exceptional experience for your customers.


We provide highly trained staffing and business thinking solutions that help improve the results of organizations .

About Us

We derive satisfaction in ensuring that you get the best out of your people and your processes.
Attending to your needs

We adopt techniques and processes that are out of the box. I.e. if we are to serve, be sure we are doing it differently.

Our Integrity is our reputation and we constantly make sure that we don’t fall short on this.

Client and employee relationship is of utmost Importance to the company so we handle them with care .

A different way of doing everything; our own way.
A well planned outlined process for the company's operating procedures

  • Most of what we do stems up from creativity. At WorkforceAccist creativity is just as important as work experience. We often try to strike a balance between both understanding that some measures of creativity requires that we unlearn what we believe to be the norm to develop new approaches in solving problems

  • We approach everything with a can-do attitude and go the extra mile to get the job done.

  • We take it upon ourselves to ensure that our clients are happy and that they stay that way placing high priority on feedback, result monitoring and Improvements.

  • We adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics when doing business and make sure we do not fall short on our promises.

Meet the Workforce-Accisters

The people you see here are the backbone of our business, working resiliently to support organisations with the resources and added capacity to navigate unexpected challenges, optimise performance and minimise risk.

Nsikan Akpan

Executive Director
Co-founder & Executive Director, Client Services Delivery. Nsikan holds a high reputation for providing qualitative advice on diverse client/customer situations. He thinks like a customer and is particularly proficient at making procedural and operational improvements. He is proficient at orchestrating innovative strategies that facilitate growth, great business partnerships and exceptional Customer Services. For Nsikan, it is all about seeing the world from the customer’s standpoint and that is why we refer to him as our customer and client services brain box.

Kayode Obikoya

Chief Talent Officer
Kayode ensures that we deliver the best people-related processes for clients and coordinates the WorkforceAccist’s hospitality and event-staffing deployment and management function both online, and offline. He focuses on talent and engagement to deliver bottom-line results. He has led the Human resource function in varied sized organizations and has a deep knowledge of current best practices in human resources design, systems, programs, technology and policies relevant for yielding exceptional results for any organization. Kayode consults on Human resource development programs and has spoken at professional conferences on topics ranging from recruitment to career development.

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