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At workforceaccist we focus on providing customized solutions.
From staffing and creating great service experiences for major businesses in the service Industry to executing training interventions across Africa, WorkforceAccist is highly recognised for delivering Out-of –the –Ordinary Talent and Service Improvement Solutions that guarantee stronger competitive advantage.We are a team of simple people really – motivated to contribute immensely to your growth and cater for your quantified spend, tight cost management and quality. Because one size never fits all for smart businesses like yours, we pay very close attention to your needs and what works with your existing talent attraction and retention approach.

This is why:
They say we overdo everything but we say we are perfectionists.
They also say you are our clients but we say you are family and everyone knows there is only one way to treat family - with preference.


“Human-Centred solutions that work”


To solve problems, inspire better service outcomes and provide human-centred solutions that work for people and businesses.


Delivering great results, satisfaction and exponential growth to those we serve.


Creativity – Most of what we do stems up from creativity. At WorkforceAccist creativity is just as important as work experience. We often try to strike a balance between both understanding that some measures of creativity requires that we unlearn what we believe to be the norm to develop new approaches in solving problems.

Essence – We try not to forget why we started in the first place; To design processes that actually work in a society where attaining perfection is believed to be unachievable, to inspire other millennials to effect positive change in any way they can and more importantly to do this now while we are young.

Passion – We are passionate about our work and motivated by purpose.

Professional – We adhere to the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics when doing business and make sure we do not fall short on our promises.

Client Satisfaction – We take it upon ourselves to ensure that our clients are happy and that they stay that way placing high priority on feedback, result monitoring and Improvements.

Job Done - We approach everything with a can-do attitude and go the extra mile to get the job done.


It was just a conversation before it became a business idea–WorkforceAccist is a young company whose strength draws from a rich mix of multidisciplinary team, creative ingenuity and a unique approach to attending to business problems. It emerged from what was at first a conversation between the Trio (Immanuel Samuels, Nsikan Akpan and Kayode Obikoya) in a banking hall queue about a very poor service delivery.They thought there and then about the possibility of businesses offering services that carried the mind of the customers at the very inception of things and resolved to set up a Company.

Now, what started first as just a service design company, offers a range of other services from hospitality staffing, to talent management and training in core areas of design thinking, Customer Services and Sales.

The Company remains one of the most successful of a few others pioneering the frontiers of service design, Hospitality Staffing and Capacity development with focus on :

  • Creating and designing services that meet and exceed customer’s expectations.
  • Creating services that usable, useful, desirable, efficient and effective.
  • Answering pressing challenges and observing and interpreting behaviours into future services
  • Equipping people with skills and relevant knowledge necessary for carrying out business and service actions that are consistent with what customers and employees expect.

With offices in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, WorkforceAccist works regionally across Africa and Europe with clients ranging from start-ups, corporates, Hospitality, governments and not-for-profits organisations to service providers in general to co-design and deliver world-class people, services and systems that create impact, enable transformation and produce more innovative outcomes.