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Capacity Building

We help Individuals, organisations and societies (enabling environments) obtain, strengthen and maintain capabilities that bring about creative sustainable developments. We take advantage of specific market intelligence quotients in providing knowledge, developing skills and designing and tweaking processes.

We are partnership with educational institutions to bring up young individuals who are ready to challenge themselves and venture out of their comfort zone to take risks and develop the skills and abilities they are capable of. Workforceaccist has a bigger picture in mind; building a better and greater Nigeria.

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WorkforceAccist Operations Limited


Personal Development – Here at WorkforceAccist, We strongly advise that people accept responsibilities for their lives and take conscious actions to improve it. We are committed to keeping young individuals from settling for a life that is below their best, preparing them for the challenges of today’s environment and equipping them with the knowledge needed for them to be financially independent.

Entrepreneurship – We provide coaching services and networking platforms that support entrepreneurship and self-employment for Youth Population in Nigeria.

Our coaching services provide the young population with
• Knowledge and Professional practice to run a business
• Appropriate skill set and leadership development Programs.



Securing a good job is no more about your degree or knowledge as employers are now looking for a range of other attributes that contribute to success in the work place. To stand out you need to be aware of your own unique skill-set and be able to articulate this clearly.

Workforce AccistCapacity Building for businesses

  • Leadership and Management.
  • Creative Culture.
  • Brand development.
  • Social Networking.
  • Organizational Culture and design.
  • Sales.
  • Product Portfolio Management.


Personal Development -WorkforceAccist
Training-for-youth - WorkforceAccist

Capacity Building Training for Youths (Schools)

  • Innovation.
  • (3E’s) Employability, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship.
  • Marketing (Advertising PublicRelations Promotions and Sales).
  • Social Networking.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Vocation.

Adapting Capacity at government Level

We work with government to

  • Assess local needs, develop plans to meet such needs and then execute prior plans.
  • We build and improve processes that result to sustainable positive results and growth.
  • We help governmental bodies move capacity building programs from conception to launch adapting smart techniques.
  • We design provide key insights on governmental campaigns.
  • Skill development and training to government officials at all levels.

It is no longer news that a great deal of business success is largely dependent on marketing. We equip young adults with marketing knowledge and skills necessary to achieve business success.