7:50 pm

Service Design

Uncover, transform, innovate and improve your services to engage customers, reduce business risks, break down complexities into easily achievable bits while aligning organisational efforts and putting the users at the centre of all proffered solutions.

We liaise with the key stakeholders in your organisation to determine how best to optimize your service processes and identify opportunities for improvements that will enable your organisation deliver a more efficient service at a greater quality to your customers.


Service Blueprint

Get a clear view of how customers experience your service across different channels

Service Strategy

Clarify how your service should be organised for customers and develop a service strategy that delivers high profit margins at low risk.

User Experience Design

Incorporate the users in designing an effective flow and function for your website, app and mobile interactions.

Omni channel Prototype

Avoid and resolve channel conflict by co-creating, organising and ensuring that multiple channels come together to deliver a unified customer experience.

Frontline Interaction

Your frontline staffs are your brand. Empower them with the sales force tools and training necessary to deliver a market leading and compelling brand experience.

User Journey Mapping

Design new, improved and informed engagement that delivers value for your business and your customers.

Implementation Roadmapping

A plan that shows who should change, what should change and when it should change. Co-create to plan, implement and measure change.

Physical Environments

Design and upgrade your spaces and places (trade show booths, kiosks, stores, foyers, front lodge) to provide great value to those you serve in your brand’s unique way.